Private 1:1 Coaching

with Becca Hopson

Ready to shift, make change, take bold steps, and lead a brave life?

Self-Empowerment oddly, is better when you're not working on it alone.

If you're craving change and dream of having accountability, gathering a ton of resources, and support in this very busy world we live in, I am your coach.

It's too easy to feel overwhelmed, put yourself last, or just not follow through to get those results you crave.

Soooo... I created an intensive program for  brave women to claim space, and create change to uplevel or align to live now.

Apply for my 1:1 private coaching if you're ready to feel empowered.

See possibilities  to live more brave.
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Being on top of ALL the many things you do can feel hard sometimes. Especially, when you're ready to make a shift or a life change (radical or small), create something for you to share with the world, or align what you're feeling on the inside to how your living your life on the outside.

I work with brave women to stop shrinking or playing small. I help resource them so that they have to tools to create a life of integrity and take steps to living it now.

 Private coaching is investment in yourself. Designed to help you discover what you're craving to create, develop clear goals that align with your unique self-development, uncover resources for positive lifestyle change, and take bold brave steps in a space for YOU to explore leading your life. Ready to develop a mission, vision and aim for your change? This program is for women who are ready to collect stories in life with courage and say goodbye to regrets.

Your goals, dreams, and making an impact matter!  My passion is helping women find ways to go beyond them AND build holistic renewable and sustainable practices. Join me for this intensive program to make a positive change and get dreams accomplished.

In this private intensive program, we dig deep and define your unique road map. Align your roadmap by identifying and taking steps toward with clear goals. Explore positive change using healthy lifestyle and mindset tools. Receive resources with fierce accountability. Re-engage with how you spend your time to refuel and align your life with the how you want to grow. Normalize mindfulness, feel nourished and refueled. Make positive changes to yourself. Then make changes to the world.

Identify what's holding you back and keeping you from prioritizing your own dreams and becoming more connected with high quality thoughts on a daily basis. 

Let's start leading your life with this Private Coaching 1:1 program!

Benefits of Private 1:1 Coaching 

Feel energized & renewed with high quality thoughts and actions

Feel resourced, heard, & discover your inner advocate 

See brave results & make lasting impact on your life

Benefits of Private 1:1 Coaching  
Feel energized & renewed with high quality thoughts and actions
Feel resourced, heard, and discover your inner advocate
See brave results & make lasting impact
on your life

What is Private Coaching

Private coaching is an investment in YOURSELF! My coaching is specific for women who are wanting one on one time to focus on taking brave steps in life. It's a space where my brave clients get really clear as to what they want to bring balance to in their life. It's also a space where my clients take brave actions to go after that balance. It's a space where uncomfortable truths surface. It's a space where all of my clients feel supported and resourced.

What makes me an unique brave coach? I provide a ton of resources that are curated for each person that I work with AND I bring a level of listening that is brave, positive, and has a silly flare. I also am really fabulous at setting up safe and brave spaces, encouraging daily joy, and identifying those uncomfortable truths for each of my clients. The reality is, I'm someone who believes in each of my clients and their own balance to living a brave life. Not only do I show up for my clients, I show up to experience their brave transformations, and ready to resource for their unique path.

You might be asking, "Is Becca Brave?" And my answer is simple - YASSS, I'm brave! I actually feel pretty badass. I'm a women how has been through a ton of tough shit in life.

AND I keep showing up and doing deep work. I'm not talking about lacing on your bootstraps, I am talking about providing spaces for transformational work that is unique to each women kind of work.

If you can be lucky enough to have that as a resource. I do this in many ways that are unique to my life. If you want to get to know me a little more or have questions feel free to pop into any of my workshops, free classes, free material, follow my on social media, or join my newsletter. I am not an open book, but I've learned to provide snippets, stories, and share about my experiences over time. Mostly, I serve women who are ready to live brave lives. That is my favorite, and most ahhhmazing sort of service that I can offer this world. It's my dream. And I'm living it.

Let's go after our dreams and reach beyond the sky - from a mindset of abundance (not scarcity). 

Align and show up as your brave self

Ready to refuel superSHEro?

This program is for women ready to commit to their unique, brave self. Sometimes this about creating the life you crave. Sometimes it's about discovering or unlocking what joy looks like to you. Or even sometimes this looks like how can we make life a little bit, a tiny bit better for you.

The KEY is YOU. I'm here for women are ready to go on this journey to living more brave. 

...but you want even more deets on Private 1:1 Coaching 

Being on top of your game daily is EXHAUSTING! Seriously, it's the human part of us.

In order to honor that human part of us with the superhero part of us, we have to find solutions that replenish us. Private Coaching looks different for everyone and it should because there are as many solutions as there are people. 

In this program I work with individuals privately to give them my full attention to make BIG CHANGES to lead the life you're craving. You get to explore what this looks like daily, what bold weekly steps you'll take to align, and learn how to align your inner goals that are sustainable, with courage, and feeling more connected with the life you want to lead.

This program provides a framework to identify your goals, uncover your priorities, and connect them to your life that you're living now.

It IS a challenge but it IS sooooo much fun. AND you get an ambitious woman coach who will hold you accountable, give you plenty of mindset and lifestyle resources, AND encourage you to LIVE YOUR LIFE all while doing this. The best part is that it gives you another excuse to invest in yourself and make aligning your Private Coaching a daily priority. Whatever that looks like for you.

If you're feeling stretched thin, tapped out, uninspired, stuck, or lack confidence BUT want to dig deep and make positive change now, join Becca and this Private Coaching private program. You can start living while creating the stories you want to share.

What clients are saying about Becca 

"ME TIME with Becca was transformative. Utterly transformative. Each day I crave and carve out ME TIME because of Becca's strategies, guidance, support, and ability to create a supportive community. I never understood or appreciated the word 'reset' until ME TIME and now it re-centers me every single day. I have found myself quoting Becca and sharing my experience with ME TIME with loved ones. This program is A MUST!" 

Sherry (Indianapolis, Indiana) 

"Becca is highly skilled at challenging me in a gentle, yet productive way. She takes time to truly listen, ask valuable questions, and she effortlessly frames my issues in a way that helps me clarify my needs and how to take action on them. Overall, Becca is an absolute joy to work with! Whenever I walk away from a discussion with her, I feel inspired, cheerful and empowered." 

Annie (Lakewood, Colorado) 

"You can take little 'bits' of ME TIME anytime you want. It doesn't have to be all planned out, and there are a million ways to carve out ME TIME. Becca's spirit is unique. She is lovely, funny, and truly authentic. She listens deeply and really cares about each person with whom she works. Becca is passionate about her program and about helping women find the sparkle in their lives. She brings joy, comfort and humor to every interaction. Just knowing her is a gift." 

Karen (Chappaqua, New York)


"Becca helped me identify goals, dismantle obstacles, and celebrate self-pride. Through her process I have learned how to shut down my inner critic, feel empowered to ask for what fuels me and create joy in every day life. Somehow Becca has a unique ability to turn work that can be challenging into fun. Although I didn't quite know what to expect in this journey, I trusted Becca every step of the way and would advise any woman to do the same to reach some radical goals." 

Maggie (Marquette, Michigan)

"Becca is a truly inspirational creative coach. I feel so safe with her and felt that she could empathize well and believed in me. She helped me see the 'Power of Water.' And since then, I drink more water daily. The example she gave of her son and her creating a water contest to see who could drink the most amount of water daily resonated with me. Living during COVID-19, I needed more time for myself. Becca helped me see ways I could do this while thinking holistically and practically. She uses deep listening to create a variety of opportunities to empower and bring me balance. I highly recommend Becca as a coach who will help you life your dreams." 

Amy (New York, New York) 

Why private coaching with Becca?

Have you ever heard of the invisible workload of a woman? It's basically research that shows that we as women place a lot of weight on ourselves, use our many gifts and strengths to manage life's workload, all of the assumed responsibilities of the people and environments around us, and lead life with so many variables and roles throughout the day. A LOT of the people around us benefit from these ahhhmazing superhero strengths...BUT our individual self is often placed last on the priority list.

In other words, life can be exhausting. Oh yeah! - it's invisible.

So...we as women may only notice it when our adaptive energy is no longer serving us, our edge is in the red zone, and our inner critic is LOUD. I surprise myself every time I feel this way, and find meaningful change when I have the support of family, friends and colleagues who build each other up, like to manifest happiness, are unapologetic (or are learning to be more unapologetic), who like to feel good, do good, and move forward.

Is it time for you to align what you're craving to create and set a goal to align? Take the time to advocate for yourself, notice with curiosity and without judgment, and see how clearing out the clutter in your environment helps you to connect to more opportunities of 'time'; how you'll feel when you find new ways to nourish; learn new ideas and ways to renew energy quicker and feel unstoppable, and pull it all together to find more inner balance while leading the life you're wanting to surface. 

No Time For You?

I have no time for your personal transformation because you are all business when it comes to managing your many responsibilities and the people around you. I get it! And.... I have a solution. I created multiple approaches to this intensive program to allow you to make your transformation in the shortest amount of time. My clients celebrate their amazing selves along the way and access joy. Not only to you move toward your goals and your transformation but you have fun doing it and manage your energy and time.

Need some inspiration? 

Open up to the possibility of integrating small, but mighty daily steps that re-energize and align with how you're craving to live your life. Create a strategy to commit to going after something you're craving to align what you're feeling on the inside to how you're living life. Set a goal to create and explore. Keep the inspiration and motivation going in timeframe and use these long-lasting tools and resources as needed to discover the stories you want to lead. See and feel empowered as you get results from leading the life with these small changes. Having access to a highly ambitious and motivated coach who will give you just the right amount of support, system and accountability while connecting you with a tools to create a unique experience is the secret to this program.