Workshops for Brave Women 

with Becca Hopson

Exhausted, Uninspired, or Burnout? AND craving to unlock your powerful SELF?
Life is throwing a LOT at us and space for deep work for ambitious women is RARE. Soooo...I'm creating popups, workshops, and space to dig deep, expand our inner capacity, and see ourselves as brave.

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Bye-Bye work hustle overload, doing it ALL, boredom, exhaustion, & burnout.

Hello to opportunities that spark joy, more play,  possibilities, and creativity.

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The deets:
 Online Class.  Online workshops from anywhere (Various Times - Eastern Central, Mountain, Pacific or outside of the country) join live calls to learn fabulous tools for home, life, and work.
 Inner Advocate. Get fabulous coaching tools to say YES to self. Explore the inner advocate that is ready for more space in the day and turn down that mean, harsh inner critic and explore your powerful self.
 Key Mindset Tools. Discover mindset practices for women to rewire daily habits into making a simple plan for living your best life.
 Fresh ideas. Discover fresh ideas for women to uncover guilt-free, positive practices. Plan from your craving list versus the easy, numbing out list. You’ll feel more energized right away…get and explore mindset and lifestyle fresh ideas. 
Five Reasons to sign up for more information:
1. Fuel yourself.
Find activities that fuel. You're a limited edition and deserve nourishment.
2. Tiny steps go a LONG way.
A plan with tiny realistic steps  helps maintain focus, follow through, and motivation.
3. Make time for YOU without the guilt. 

You don’t need to feel guilty for making time for yourself. Take time as an act of self-care in a way that’s fun, gentle, and most importantly, sustainable. 

4. Ideas that are Surprising.
It’s time for some fresh ideas! This guilt-free tools that will give you surprising, unexpected tips that make an immediate impact on how you feel and bring a little joy.
5. Guided activity & Motivation.
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About Becca Hopson

Becca Hopson is a certified life coach, a mindset, lifestyle, and leadership consultant, and longtime wellness professional.

She’s the creator of incedible programs for women. Carving Out ME TIME, an online group program for women that’s all about getting to know yourself on a deep level, expanding your own edges to own how your are currently living your life, feeling amazing, and becoming the most confident version of yourself. She also provides private 1:1 coaching services for highly-motivated women to live brave lives and create what they crave. Becca hosts creative workshops and retreats for workplaces and individuals to learn more about women as leaders, working on mindset and lifestyle to reduce biases around women as thought leaders in life, at home, or at work.

Becca is the founder and CEO of a life coaching and consulting practice & a health and wellness business Inner Balance.

She offers a Carving Out ME TIME 4 times a year and other group sessions. Her private 1:1 programs are limited and are offered throughout the year for highly motivated women who are ready for deep change. Her pop-up sessions throughout the year are unique, fun, with her silly flare and powerful results.

 When she’s not working, Becca loves reading anything by women that fosters self development and understanding our own biases, making art or creating with her hands, listening to music (on the record player at home these days), hanging with her husband and teenage son, going on walks (short, long, and finding weather fitting walking outfits), riding her vintage bicycle around the neighborhood, and curling up on the sofa to read a book or watch an episode of The Queen's Gambit or Lovecraft Country

 You can find more information on Becca and her coaching programs at

What clients are saying about Becca 

"ME TIME with Becca was transformative. Utterly transformative. Each day I crave and carve out ME TIME because of Becca's strategies, guidance, support, and ability to create a supportive community. I never understood or appreciated the word 'reset' until ME TIME and now it re-centers me every single day. I have found myself quoting Becca and sharing my experience with ME TIME with loved ones. This program is A MUST!" 

Sherry (Indianapolis, Indiana) 

"Becca is highly skilled at challenging me in a gentle, yet productive way. She takes time to truly listen, ask valuable questions, and she effortlessly frames my issues in a way that helps me clarify my needs and how to take action on them. Overall, Becca is an absolute joy to work with! Whenever I walk away from a discussion with her, I feel inspired, cheerful and empowered." 

Annie (Lakewood, Colorado) 

"You can take little 'bits' of ME TIME anytime you want. It doesn't have to be all planned out, and there are a million ways to carve out ME TIME. Becca's spirit is unique. She is lovely, funny, and truly authentic. She listens deeply and really cares about each person with whom she works. Becca is passionate about her program and about helping women find the sparkle in their lives. She brings joy, comfort and humor to every interaction. Just knowing her is a gift." 

Karen (Chappaqua, New York)


"Becca helped me identify goals, dismantle obstacles, and celebrate self-pride. Through her process I have learned how to shut down my inner critic, feel empowered to ask for what fuels me and create joy in every day life. Somehow Becca has a unique ability to turn work that can be challenging into fun. Although I didn't quite know what to expect in this journey, I trusted Becca every step of the way and would advise any woman to do the same to reach some radical goals." 

Maggie (Marquette, Michigan)

"Becca is a truly inspirational creative coach. I feel so safe with her and felt that she could empathize well and believed in me. She helped me see the 'Power of Water.' And since then, I drink more water daily. The example she gave of her son and her creating a water contest to see who could drink the most amount of water daily resonated with me. Living during COVID-19, I needed more time for myself. Becca helped me see ways I could do this while thinking holistically and practically. She uses deep listening to create a variety of opportunities to empower and bring me balance. I highly recommend Becca as a coach who will help you life your dreams." 

Amy (New York, New York) 

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